Jeffrey Seaberg is a visual artist and educator based in London, UK. He currently teaches courses in Drawing + Painting, Photography and IB Visual Arts at TASIS The American School in England. 

Jeff grew up in upstate NY and received his BFA in Drawing + Painting from SUNY New Paltz. After earning his MAT in 2009 from the Rhode Island School of Design, Jeff relocated to Wilmington, North Carolina where he taught for several years at Bolivia Elementary School.

Jeffrey then relocated to London where he currently teaches at TASIS The American School in England. He is particularly interested in incorporating 21st century technologies into his teaching and maintains an art department blog at www.tasisarts.com. Additionally, Jeff has also taught at the Les Tapies Art + Architecture Program in the south of France and he has taken TASIS students on several service trips to Romania, which has transformed the living conditions for children in government run services through mural painting, construction projects, and student-led fundraising.

Additionally, Jeff has continued to produce his own studio work, which he has exhibited in the U.S. and abroad. He works in a variety of media but maintains a strong focus on drawing. Jeffrey uses organic and anatomical forms in his ongoing examination of the human condition.